Pouring Bowl Rustic


The pitted pouring bowl is essential for your kitchen and cooking 'foodie' photography. The Rustic drips down the sides puts emphasis on the unique personality of each pot.

The small pouring bowl looks tasty piled high with cherry tomatoes or your favourite salad dressing with a spoon resting on the spout. Our medium is ideal for serving on your table or bench top, filled with rice and quinoa or a marinated seafood. The largest size however is preferred for batter making or marinating meat or seafood. 

Our pots are dishwasher, microwave and oven proof.

Please note each item is handcrafted and can vary slightly in shape and shade of colour

Small   L 160  W 140  H 85     Medium  L 230  W 190  H 150    Large   L 270   W 230   H 115

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