Pasta Bowl Rustic


The easy, go to pasta bowl. This rustic bowl has a slight wide curve that contrasts with food and makes it pop. 

The Pasta bowl is thrown in three different sizes. The small is our most popular everyday bowl which suits a breakfast meal of porridge with a drizzle of Raglan honey, a lunch soul bowl filled with rice and quinoa with roast vegetables or a dinner bowl piled with hot Lasagne.

Our medium size would feed a table of four, packed to the rim with a Pesto Pasta or a chicken salad. Though our largest size is ideal for bulky foods such as croissants or fruit it is also stunning as a display centre piece. 


Our pots are dishwasher, microwave and ovenproof.
Please note each piece is handcrafted and can vary slightly in shape and shade of colour.

Large        W 360   H 110
Medium    W 300   H 80
Small        W 220   H 70

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