Pasta Bowl Classic



We can really call this a traditional Tony Sly shape now. Over 20 years we have made these now and they continue to be in our top 3 sellers!

Available in 3 sizes and 5 colours. 

The small size is the everyday bowl, small enough for a serving of granola or big enough for a rocket salad. 

The medium and large are good all rounders - often left out on the bench to hold fruit as well. These two sizes are go-to options for gifts as well. 

DIMENSIONS / Small: 22.5cm x 6cm / Medium: 30cm x 7.5cm / Large: 35cm x 8.5cm

Please note each piece is handcrafted and can vary slightly in shape and shade of colour. If you have a collection already please include your dimensions in the note section of your order so we can match sizing as best as we can.

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